Luciano Lombardi was born in Stilo on the 25th of February 1928. In October 1933 he moved to Inesio (a hamlet of Vendrogno) after his father Alfredo won a post as medical officer of the Bellano-Vendrogno consortium.

After his father’s death (1955), he won a post at the Military Tribunal; he entered service at the seat of Milan with the rank of lieutenant. After a brief period in Turin, he took up service in La Spezia where he remained until discharged, reaching the rank of colonel. As freelance journalist he worked with many newspapers and magazines; he wrote works of a historic nature.

He also wrote subjects for documentary films — “Luci di primavera sul Lago di Como” (Spring lights over Lake Como), “La via dei Lanzichenecchi dall’Adda all’Adda” (The route of the Lansquenet foot soldiers from the Adda to the Adda), “I fantasmi di pietra del Lago di Como” (The stone phantoms of Lake Como), “Madesimo in Valle Spluga” (Madesimo in the Spluga Valley), “Tommaso Grossi un protagonista del romanticismo” (Tommaso Grossi, a prominent figure of Romanticism), “Sui sentieri della memoria” (On the path of history) — aired by both Swiss television and the Italian RAI 3. He wrote many volumes of poetry: “Diario 43-60” (Diary 43-60) which won the “Premio Venezia”, “L’ombra dei giorni” (Sunset of the days) which won the cultural award, “La quercia d’oro” (The golden oak), “Dimenticherò l’estate” (I will forget the summer) and “La stella dell’esilio” (The star of exile).

In the morning of the 13th of June 1994, he suffered a stroke in his home where he lived alone; he resisted for less than 48 hours, leaving behind a wealth of documentation, particularly historic, and many notes and outlines for works he had just undertaken.

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