Sanctuary of Lezzeno: On the 6th of August 1688, a plaster relief of the Madonna of Sorrows kept in the small chapel of Lezzeno is said to have cried.

And thus, with the approval of the Bishop of Milan and Corno and the involvement of Paolo Antonio Rubini, parish priest of Bellano, in 1690 a Sanctuary was built in her honour. The work designed by Giovanni Battista Quadrio, was completed in 1704. Today we can still see the elegant structure with its mixtilinear facade, small bell tower and sturdy, elegant classicist interior.

Much remains of the XVII-XVIII century church: the main altar (1746); the altar of St. Joseph to the left with altarpiece from the same period; the altar of Saints Ann and Joachim on the right with a copy of the painting by Francesco Albani; the walnut confessional booths; the numerous votive offerings; the older objects in the treasury.

In 1896 the church was promoted to an Archbishop’s Sanctuary and, at that time, Luigi Morgari and his colleagues built a complex frescoed decoration for the building, comparable to the one at the Sanctuary of Rho.  The Church of St. Joseph, founded in 1676, has since disappeared.



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