His career jump-starts when Giovanni Testori invits him, then 24 years old, to participate at the exhibition “Artisti e Scrittori” (Authors and Writers) at the “Rotonda della Besana” in Milan. In 2004 Electa publishes “Velasco 20”, a monograph centered around his first twenty years works with a contribution from Giulio Giorello. Extramoenia (2004-2005) is an exhibition wanted by the Sicilian Region, installed in Palermo (Palazzo Belmonte Riso), and in Milan (Palazzo della Ragione). In 2005 it becomes part of the MACRO collection. He produces, edited by Danilo Eccher, “Immagini, Forme e Natura delle Alpi” (Images, Forms and Nature of the Alps) (2007), and “LATO4” (2008).  Edited by Fernando Mazzocca and Francesco Poli is “Sbarco” (Disembarkation) (2010), installed at Piazza Duomo and at the building complex of “Sant’Agostino” in Pietrasanta and in Milan at Piazza Duca D’Aosta and the “Palazzo Reale”(Royal Palace).

In 2011 he is invited at the Italian pavilion of the “Biennale di Venezia” where he exhibits “Veidrois”, he’s personal “Branco” is housed at the “LKFF Gallery” in Brussels and “Apriti Cielo” is published by Skira, a volume containing watercolor paintings centered on the topic of the sacred: among these are a few from the drawings realized for the cultural page of the newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”, with whom he has been collaborating since 2007. In 2012 he produced “Foresta Rossa” (Red Forest), an artistic work born on the “Isola Madre” (Mother Island) (Stresa), and in “Verbania”, edited by Luca Molinari. The reflection on ghost towns, already the inspiration for this last installation, continues the following year with the personal exhibition of paintings “Foresta Rossa”: 416 ghost towns worldwide, at the “Triennale” in Milan, cured by Luca Molinari and Francesco Clerici. The same year holds the personal exhibition of sculptures “Aria”, at the “LKFF Gallery” in Brussels, and the monumental installation “Medi Terraneo”, at the top of the “Castello Ruffo” (Ruffo Castle), in Scilla (Reggio Calabria).


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